The Formula

How do I know if I need The Formula? – Use this checklist!

The Formula is a self-help book unlike any other. Based on the formula E/S=R (Ego/Security = Relationship), this book takes relationship advice to the next level. This will help you identify characteristics to appeal to in both the opposite and same sex.

When we say that Ego/Security=Relationship, we are reaching back to primitive hunter/gatherer instincts.
As important as it is for the denominator (S) to support the numerator (E) it is equally important to realize that each party must support the other.

What we don’t know about the opposite or same sex can result in a life of misery, or to be transformed into happiness and forever improve all our relationships—if we learn the secrets of The Formula knowing the differences between the sexes and how to see, hear, and respond to communication is a powerful awakening.

We live in a world in which over 50% of marriages end in divorce and many more are based on misunderstanding. Using The Formula can prevent such misunderstandings and the broken relationships that often follow them, even before they occur. Divorce destroys and changes lives and causes damage to children that will last forever.

If you answer or wonder any of the following – You need The Formula:

  • I am not totally happy in my relationship?
  • I would like to understand what I am doing wrong?
  • How can I get more love and appreciation?
  • Why don’t I have the confidence I need?
  • What Do I need to know to have a more productive life?
  • How can I better understand Men and Women?
  • Do I know why boredom is lacking in most relationships?
  • Would you like to know more than half of marriage end in divorce?
  • Why is it that women institute over 70 % of divorces?
  • Would you like to smile and like everyone?