The Author

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A relationship is like two sides of a roof holding each other up!

Drawing on a lifetime of experience, author Bernard Bushell has created an original and effective blueprint designed to build more fulfilling lives for all of us. Married for eighteen years, single for fourteen, and now happily remarried for two decades, Bushell’s formula is the key to success in the mating game and much more:

E/S=R. The E is for Ego, the mantra for males, and the S for Security, the driving force for females. The Formula is a scenario based on our hunter/gatherer origins, but updated to work for today’s hectic and complex lifestyles. It is clear, concise, and easy to remember and use.

The Formula is a breakthrough approach—what works, what doesn’t, and why—for people thinking about entering a relationship, or who are already happily (or unhappily) involved with a mate. Knowing the characteristics of the opposite or same sex and how they influence us can only improve the choices we make and the destinies of our children.

Bernard Bushell is a former public relations professional, whose work with thousands of women throughout his careers in real estate and retailing has provided the basis of this book.

He is a graduate of Ohio University, with a major in Journalism from the E.W. Scripps School, who believes The Formula can lower our soaring divorce rate and remedy the damage it causes to relationships, families, and children.